My travel list

I wrote a blog about traveling the other day and a friend said that she always has 4 or 5 trips planned.  I realized that so do I.  Some of these trips are loosely planned and I am not exactly sure who is going but I have trips traveled for the next couple of years.  So I thought I would get it out there.  See if other people were planning on going to the same place at the same time.  See how many I can fit in for the next couple of years.

The first trip planned is Scotland with my mom for May or June of next year.  I cannot wait for this trip.  It will be so much fun.  I love exploring Europe and Mom and I have never really been able to explore the way I like to explore.  But that will all change in a few months.  (I also know that she will be patient enough with me when I need to spend 5 minutes and 20 shots to get just the perfect picture.)  We will explore castles and ruins and towns and pubs.  We will eat Scottish food and I will see where my grandfather came from.  Who knows, I might even meet distant relatives.  (Did you know that you can be a citizen of a country two generations later.  I could claim a Scottish citizenship because my fathers father was full blooded Scotch.  We may have to do that one day.)

Later in the year next year, we are planning a girls trip to Puerto Rico.  I want to stay in the cute little bed and breakfast hotel place we stayed our last night there.  I want to see the beach because it has been too long.  And do remember that waterfall, I really want to see that again.  The memories of that place are breathtaking and I can’t wait to realize that my memories don’t do it justice.  (That is where my best friend and I met the two nicest ladies.  One spoke English and one did not but the laughs that we had… they were many.)   So those are in the works for next year.

In 2015, I think it might be Burning Man year.  This year is not a year that I can afford to do anything else.  The planning and the time it takes to spend a week in the desert on the other side of the country is tremendous.  But it is definitely worth it.  One of the best trips I have ever taken was to Burning Man a couple of years ago and while it was probably the longest from a chaos stand point, it was amazing.  The things I learned and the people I met will be imprinted on my day until I die.  It was one of the most freeing, amazing experiences of my life and I continually think about it, even now.  (This was a trip that spanned more than a week, driving through lots of states, seeing lots of things, spending time at the Grand Canyon and meeting amazing people.  If you have read my blogs, you have already heard about some of this trip.)

Then in 2016, I want to go to Rio for the Olympics.  I know that it will be ungodly expensive but I really feel that once in my life, I want to experience an event at the Olympics.  I don’t even really care what it is.  I want to see one event and the “Olympic village” if you will.  I want to see the world come together for something of that magnitude.  So Michelle and I will go see the Olympics in Rio and we will experience The Olympics, which she has already done, and we will experience Rio, kind of.

2017 brings me back to Rio because I want to experience Carnaval.  This may not be a great idea for me because I get very claustrophobic and don’t deal with large crowds very well but it is something that I really want to see.  The party in the street, the costumes, the stories told by the “samba schools” would be amazing to see.  This will probably be the only trip I will be able to take this year based on the expense of Carnaval, but it will be so worth it for me.  I love costumes, and acting, and dance, and music… and Carnaval offers all of these things.

Then comes 2018.  I really hope that at this point, the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, I will be in Vienna.  (They still waltz in the square and give quick lessons on the waltz.)  How amazing is that.  This is a trip that was talked about in Ireland this past summer and in 2017/2018, the girls I went to Ireland with and I will be on the cusp of celebrating 35 years of friendship, and 2 of us 35th birthdays.  That, at least to me, is amazing and unheard of, at least at our age.  How is it that we still get together and talk and laugh, and have been friends for so long?  I think it would make more sense to me if we had been friends starting in high school or even after college and were much older, but we have been friends since birth.  And so I kind of think that every five years, we should plan a trip together and as we get older and more people become involved (husbands and kids and things like that), we should continue to celebrate.  But at 35 years, and maybe all of the major ones after that, I think we should do a girls trip someplace.  And at 35, I want to see Vienna at New Years. 

So those are the trips that I have planned.  Updates to follow on the ones that happen and the ones that get pushed back. Blogs will be posted either during or after. But I am a traveler. I love meeting new people, seeing new things, exploring new places. With all of the trips planned, Scotland has been at the top of my list for a long time. That is my heritage after all and I want to see it. After Scotland, I will probably plan another trip to Europe. There is still a lot there that I want to see.

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2 Responses to My travel list

  1. Chrissy says:

    You know Rio is officially on my list. And Vienna, although I may go earlier than that but who knows. I’m also considering going to England and Scotland sometime 2014, a lot of things still to figure out on that one, but that’s my next big trip. Smaller trips to Hawaii and New Orleans are also loosely in the works. :)

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